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Lots of opportunities; a lot of warmth; a lot of fun; a lot of passion - that's what fuels great times and great careers at TechMBS. Hear our people’s Proud to be TechMBS experiences.

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I joined TechMBS in August 2009 and it’s been an excellent professional journey from an Advisor to a Team Leader. I am proud to be a TechMighty as it provides the right platform and environment for work-life balance, career growth, recognition and job satisfaction. These 7 years have been the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. As long as you have the determination to work hard, there are no limits to how far you can reach. The work environment in TechMBS is extremely positive and competitive, the management is open to listen to new ideas and incorporate them.

I’m proud to be a TechMighty because of the people, culture, environment, learning activities and above all it encourages you to voice your opinion and speak your mind. I have completed 9 years in this organization and the journey has been fantastic.

“I will be completing 7 years in the company and it has been an awesome journey. I am proud to be a TechMighty because it is an employee friendly organization that provides ample of growth opportunities. The management is open to new ideas which has helped me to develop my skills, both professionally and personally. I absolutely love their new YouFirst policy under which they are offering 6 months of maternity leave and pick up facilities for the last three months of pregnancy to all expecting mothers.

I have completed almost 6 years with TechMBS and my journey has been nothing but exciting. I have learned and grown a lot, not just professionally but personally as well. The learnings I have gained while working here will stay with me for the rest of my life. TechMBS encourages you to achieve work - life balance, growth and job satisfaction. Proud to be a TechMighty

I am proud to be a TechMighty because it gives the best working culture and environment. The management is very approachable and leaders are very supportive. I consider myself fortunate for being recognized as one of the best performers in the last 2 quarters.

I am proud to be a TechMighty because it provides great opportunity for growth and development. It has evolved with time and has become capable of addressing the needs of new-age talent especially the millennial generation. I try to push my boundaries every single day and explore new ideas that would add value to the business. The foundation of our work culture is based on few key elements like customer first, outcome focus, respect, learning and growth. The team is diverse and the learning never stops. I am always surrounded by extremely intelligent and highly motivated people. Thank you TechMBS for providing me a platform to explore, innovate, learn and grow.

Being a driven individual with passion for growth and development, TechMBS has met my needs and added value to me. Apart from giving me an opportunity to attend some excellent Learn Grow Lead workshops; I got this fabulous opportunity to study further with a full scholarship to complete my MBA in Marketing, from Welingkar Business School. I’m proud to be a TechMighty because it has the best work culture and team mates who are more like a family. The open door approach followed by our leaders lightens up the work culture. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of an organization that has won the Gallup Great Workplace Award twice in a row.

It’s been almost 10 years since I have been working with TechMBS. My journey so far has been exciting & excellent. TechMBS has given me lots of learning opportunities that have helped me to grow in my professional and personal life. I am proud to be a TechMighty because it is an employee oriented organization which is clearly reflected in its culture.

I am proud to be a TechMighty because it nurtures talent and grooms advisors to become leaders. Each day is a new learning experience. Warm approach towards employees and an open & honest culture make the organization the best in the industry. It has been a great journey so far with TechMBS and I look forward to more adventure and opportunities.

I have completed 6 years in TechMBS and my journey has been rewarding and fruitful. I have learnt a lot in this organization and grown not just professionally but personally as well. I’m proud to be a TechMighty because it taught me very important traits such as responsibility, taking ownership and dedication. It has helped me realize that ‘Hard work does pay’. I’m extremely happy with the initiatives such as ‘Learn Grow Lead’ and ‘Dare2Dream’ as it gives me an opportunity to learn and grow.

I am proud to be TechMighty because it provides a strong and stable opportunity for growth while supplying all the tools necessary for success. This organization has helped me broaden my horizons through various initiatives such as ‘Learn Grow Lead’ and ‘Dare2Dream’. The years I have spent with the company has been my most rewarding and best learning years.

TechMBS is an amazing place to work, with a dynamic and diverse environment which fosters learning and growth. You get to learn a lot, and are provided with abundant resources that help you grow professionally. I really like how the organization has an open desk policy, so everyone can collaborate and help out each other. New ideas are encouraged and implemented. The culture is young and dynamic and employees are encouraged to be innovators in everything they do.

It’s been 6 years that I’ve been associated with TechMBS. Working with the best leaders and managers has been a learning experience and a remarkable one too. Moreover the fact that my managers encouraged me to grow as an individual has kept me motivated throughout my tenure. Also the support that I’ve received from the entire team has always been a driving factor to get me to work. Recognition for hard work and a fun filled environment while at work makes me feel proud of my workplace and pushes me to work harder every single day. Proud to be a TechMighty.

TechMBS is a great place to work. It provides the employees an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. The work atmosphere here is excellent and the work life balance is good. It encourages the concept of Work hard and celebrate your success harder. Here, I have an opportunity to work with some fantastic professionals and have made some very good friends as well. Proud to be a TechMighty.

I can’t believe I have completed 11 years at TechMBS. My journey has been amazing with so much of learning, growth and facing challenges but most importantly, meeting incredible people along the way. I have taken on different roles in this organization and got an opportunity to grow and flourish in each one of them. I have learnt a lot of valuable insights from my leaders and managers, the one I live by is ‘Reflect, what we have is Valuable, Believe in it and Aim high. Make it Infectious! If you’re a Leader, look around and own what you see’.

From a newbie to a pro, that's what I've become in the 10 years of working with TechMBS. From a customer relations advisor to an Assistant manager in the HR team, it has been a very exciting journey. I have learnt tremendously from the interactions with leaders, customers and the opportunities I've got by being a part of various teams within the organisation. It has helped me face challenges and to learn and grow. It's a lot like math; it's orderly. I know what I'm doing when I'm here. The work environment at TechMBS is very vibrant with a culture that allows you to contribute without any boundaries.

Proud to be a TECHMIGHTY!

I am proud to be TechMBS because of the growth opportunities and work culture here. From an advisor who joined in 2008 to a successful TL today, my journey of growth has been thrilling and enriching. The work culture is fabulous, as the organisation supports creativity and innovations. The SMT is approachable and they always make sure to motivate and support us at the right time in the right manner. My Tenure here is the testimony of how proud it makes me feel to be associated with this brand called TechMBS.

When I look back nostalgically at the decade I’ve spent here I clearly see how TechMBS has been instrumental in ensuring I grow professionally, using my skills and experience to be a collaborator and contributor to the business whilst inculcating in me good corporate citizenship.Having had the opportunity to grow from an Advisor to Team Leader and now pursue my passion through a lateral move to Business HR, I can vouch that this place gives you a platform to outperform and grow and fulfil your dreams. When I say, “I’m Proud to be TechMBS” I say it with resounding joy!

I'm proud to be TechMBS because it gives me the platform to truly be 'me', from great opportunities to inspirational leaders, to a team I call family; this place is my second home. It empowers me to shine, learn and seize moments in my career that have become milestones for life. It's an honor and privilege to be a part of Tech Mahindra Business Services

I am Proud to be TechMBS because of the work culture, positive & competitive environment and abundant growth opportunities. The core business strategy of our organization is to focus on the growth of our people, our philosophy is to put our customers and people at the core of everything we do.

I am proud to be TechMBS because of its rich and vibrant culture that encourages learning and development. The management is very approachable and promotes an open door policy. The most engaging aspect is the emphasis on employee and customer satisfaction, which is at the heart of everything we do.